Range of Motion: “What’s the Concern?”

There are numerous things that you become aware of as you age. As strength diminishes with years and pains of various origins change the way we walk, an important element has been long neglected along the way. Maybe you even took the time to exercise–some strength training here and there; some cardio as well–it’s all… Read More Range of Motion: “What’s the Concern?”

“What’s The Best Type of Exercise for Seniors?”

You might assume that if there is a type of exercise that really is the best, why would it be any different for Seniors? That’s exactly what I want you ask yourself, because aging does demand that we be more deliberate in our methods, as well as our movements. But, leaving aging factors out of… Read More “What’s The Best Type of Exercise for Seniors?”

I Start at Your Beginning

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? What really should be easy becomes complicated when your needs, capabilities and concerns are not in focus. Your fitness journey is different than everyone else’s. The physical obstacles and other concerns that are part of your picture must be understood and accounted for if we are to make progress… Read More I Start at Your Beginning

Let’s Discover Fitness For Life: Make It a Lifestyle!

Fitness can be defined by raw numbers describing VO2 max, repetitions per minute, single rep maximums, and/or a mass of other scientific data. Let’s make it simple; Let’s make it functional! Fitness, as I am foreseeing the future, becomes the capability of enjoying the things that mean the most to me –not (necessarily) as an… Read More Let’s Discover Fitness For Life: Make It a Lifestyle!