Range of Motion: “What’s the Concern?”

There are numerous things that you become aware of as you age. As strength diminishes with years and pains of various origins change the way we walk, an important element has been long neglected along the way.

Maybe you even took the time to exercise–some strength training here and there; some cardio as well–it’s all good.

But you probably didn’t think much about the tendons, ligaments and connecting components that held everything together…unless you experienced an injury along the way, right?

Because these tendons and ligaments are such strong connectors, they require a totally different approach to staving off the changes that come with age.

As our movement patterns change from compromised range of motion–especially from the feet to the hips–it becomes more difficult to utilize stairs with confidence. Falls can be a function of a foot that did not step correctly – – not for lack of strength, but for an inadequate movement pattern that we used to take for granted.

Through the application of gentle dynamic movements learned from the study of various martial arts, I have designed a program for you that directly strengthens and lightly stretches this vital lower body chain of movement.

Different from and more effective than Tai Chi, I invite you to understand and experience the difference such a holistic exercise approach can make in your life!

Fitness that becomes Wellness,


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